How it Works

Last Updated: 05.10.2023

1. User Registration

  • App Download: Download the OnePoint app.
  • OTP Verification: Confirm email and mobile number.
  • Password Setup: Create a secure password.

2. Loan Application Process

We are committed to transparency and privacy. Below are the types of information we collect for a seamless user experience and efficient service delivery:

  • KYC Completion: Biometric verification via SİMA.
  • Permission Grant: Authorize data check and storage.
  • Processing Wait: Await eligibility confirmation.
  • Offer Review: Select from loan offers.
  • Card Information: Enter card details for loan transfer.
  • E-sign Agreement: Electronically sign the loan agreement.

3. Loan Details and Conditions

  • Eligibility: Azerbaijani citizens aged 20-65.
  • Loan Durations: 2 to 12 months (61 - 360 days), contingent on loan amount.
  • Interest Rates: Varied, with specific calculations provided per loan amount and duration. Maximum 36%.